the hardest road that you'll ever travel

is the one from your head to your heart

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senior in highschool. diver. loves learning new languages. passion for food. free spirit. sarcastic. lacks common sense. stressed out more often than not. easily addicted and obsessed. collects movie posters.
the black donnellys. veronica mars. grey’s anatomy. criminal minds. studio 60. battlestar galactica. supernatural. firefly. roswell. buffy the vampire slayer. dead like me. alias. wonderfalls. dark angel. tru calling. stargate sg-1. stargate atlantis. heroes. the o.c. drive. pushing daisies. dirty sexy money. how i met your mother. private practice.
firefly is my favorite fandom hands down. i've been an original browncoat since the beginning way back in 2002. i could explain how much it's consumed my life, but suffice it to say, firefly owns my soul.
i'm currently without any favorite music. feel like recommending something?
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